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Rewilding Africa with African Travel

By TRAVELINK on July 10, 2024

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Our preferred partners at African Travel believe that visiting Africa is a life-changing experience. They also believe that is their responsibility to ensure their impact is a positive one. That's why they're proud to offer a range of MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences on all their safaris, giving guests the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of sustainable development issues and the inspiring actions being taken to address them.

Here are just a few examples of the ways in which African Travel guests can contribute to sustainable initiatives and leave Africa better than they found it:

South Africa

Preserving a Vanishing Way of Life

Born Free Big Cat Sanctuaries at Shamwari Private Game Reserve
Born Free Big Cat Sanctuaries at Shamwari Private Game Reserve is aimed to promote conservation.

The Shamwari Game Reserve in South Africa's Eastern Cape is an excellent example of wildlife rehabilitation. Shamwari, long a depleted environment due to hunting and farming practices, is now a haven for a varied range of animals, including several that were once locally extinct. Guests can witness the amazing achievement of the reserve's conservation efforts firsthand with twice-daily wildlife drives and walks conducted by expert guides. Guests can also join a caretaker at the Born Free Big Cat Sanctuary to hear about the sanctuary's work to enhance the living conditions of wild cats kept in impoverished, captive situations around the world.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre provides a unique chance for anyone interested in animal rehabilitation to meet with professional veterinarians and caretakers who are dedicated to recovering sick, injured, abandoned, or orphaned animals with the goal of releasing them back into the wild.

Appreciating a Bio-Diverse Hotspot

Erica irregularis blooming in the sunshine
Erica irregularis blooming in the South African sunshine

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve featured in African Travel's South Africa’s Natural Wonders is a bio-diverse hotspot, renowned for its natural beauty. The reserve offers guests a chance to immerse in the unique fynbos kingdom and ancient forest of Grootbos, featuring 907 plants species, 118 bird species, 29 mammals and 21 amphibians - some of which are under threat of extinction. Relax and enjoy the views and comforts of the carbon-negative eco-lodge. Families can take advantage of the forest-inspired kid's playroom and programs. Participate in the Living the Futures Tour and then marvel at the Florlegium, Africa’s first collection of botanical illustrations by local and international artists.


Lion Tracking and Tree Planting

Several lions on the conservancy have been fitted with radio collars, and you can learn how to track them with the researchers with a special tracking device. When you locate a pride, you will learn how to identify the individuals by notches on their ears, whisker patterns, and other distinguishing marks. All data is passed to the Ol Pejeta Ecological Monitoring team in order to further understand these magnificent predators. Guests remain in the vehicle at all times.
Join Ol Pejeta Lion Tracking Team

Experience the thrill of a lifetime at Ol Pejeta Conservancy - home to one of the highest predator densities in Kenya. Guests on African Travel's Magical Kenya safari have the unique opportunity to contribute to lion conservation by joining a lion tracking experience and witness these magnificent apex predators up close. As you help track the lions, you'll gather vital data about each pride member, contributing to finding solutions to the challenges facing Laikipia's lions and making a real impact on conservation efforts.

But that's not all - at the end of your adventure, you'll have the chance to plant a tree and leave your own positive impact on this important ecosystem. By connecting with nature and contributing to conservation efforts, you'll leave Ol Pejeta with memories that will last a lifetime. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to participate in one of the most exciting wildlife experiences on earth.

Rewilding the Family

Child sits on the shoulders of a Maasai guide, over looking the Maasai Mara.
Rewild the family by actively participating in local conservation efforts.

African Travel's Family Safari in Kenya provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for families to not only see the spectacular animals of Laikipia, but also to actively assist in local conservation initiatives. Laikipia has the second highest wildlife density in Kenya and is one of the few places on the continent where animal populations are on the increase. As part of the Bush School for children, young ones will learn about rewilding and conservation through fun activities like collecting eggs and identifying animal tracks. Older children can join resident naturalists for hands-on lessons in bushcraft and wildlife monitoring. When not on a game drive in the Maasai Mara, families can get involved in day-to-day tasks like tree planting, beekeeping, and assisting the scouts in their conservation work at the House in the Wild. It's an unforgettable adventure that leaves a lasting impact on both the family and the environment.


Reforesting Rwanda’s Rainforests

Kwitonda Lodge provides a contemplative, nurturing space in which to appreciate the transformative experience of coming face to face with the forest’s gentle giants.
Join the critical forestry efforts of Volcanoes National Park

Explore the magnificent Land of a Thousand Hills' on African Travel's Ultimate Tanzania & Rwanda itinerary and immerse yourself in the splendor of the rainforest and contribute to the forestry efforts that are critical to the survival of Rwanda's endangered mountain gorillas during your stay at Kwitonda Lodge. A great place to start is the Akarabo, meaning ‘little flower’ in Kinyarwanda, the on-site nursery. This unique conservation project is of vital importance, as the historic deforestation of the area has led to a dramatic loss of habitat, placing numerous endemic species found only in this region at an increased risk of extinction. The project creates a critical buffer zone between the neighboring the Volcanoes National Park, the natural habitat of Rwanda’s endangered mountain gorillas and many other unique forest animals, and agricultural land. 


Every moment of your stay at Bisate will remind you of our shared purpose to preserve, expand and protect this iconic wilderness.
From the pioneering reforestation project to the rehabilitation initiatives, every guest has the opportunity to join in Bisate's shared vision. 

Amid the mist on the cusp of Volcanoes National Park is Bisate Lodge. Sustainability is a cornerstone of Bisate, and the lodge aims to be as local and natural as possibleRainwater is a natural resource at Bisate. Annually, two-hundred thousand liters of rainwater are harvested for use on the property. The lodge’s exceptional reforestation program sees over 100,000 seedlings planted per year and has directly led to a natural recolonization of the reforested land by birds and animals.

Guests on African Travel's Discover Rwanda safari can witness how the land has changed at Bisate and how Mother nature has taken over. One of their MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences invites guests to join one of Bisate agronomists who will show you around the tree nursery and helps you plant a sapling.


Protecting the Okavango Delta

Join us in rewilding and protecting the planet by participating in our sustainability mission at the camp.
Guests learn about the local ecology, wildlife and culture and are invited to rewild and participate in the camps sustainability mission.

Travel to the heart of the Okavango Delta and discover the charm of Xigera Safari Lodge, on African Travel's Platinum Botswana journey. You'll learn about the groundbreaking technology that powers the lodge, assuring a sustainable future. Every moment is an opportunity to learn about and connect with the local ecosystem, wildlife, and culture, from breathtaking safari walks and birdwatching to adrenaline game drives and traditional mokoro excursions. You'll receive priceless insight into the magnificent landscape and its inhabitants thanks to a team of local Botswana safari guides. 


Taking Green Steps at Victoria Falls

Vulture Culture Experience
Vulture Culture Experience

On African Travel's Southern African Highlights itinerary, guests get to experience the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls and discover the importance of vultures and scavengers on a unique 'Vulture Culture' experience. Guests learn about the critical role these birds play in the local ecosystem and the issues they face by joining naturalists in an obsertvation hide. Not only that, but guests will also learn about the area's creative conservation efforts, which range from up-cycling programs to virtual fencing and anti-poaching units. By the end of their stay, guests leave with a deeper understanding of sustainability and a renewed commitment to preserving our planet's natural wonders.

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