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June 2019 Business Travel News

By Travelink on June 17, 2019

Travelers Feel More Productive & Creative on Business Trips

Six in 10 travelers feel more creative and productive when traveling for business, according to a Jan. 29 to Feb. 9 CWT and Artemis Strategy Group survey of 2,700 travelers in the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific who had taken at least four business trips in the previous 12 months.

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3 Unique Ways to See the Grand Canyon

By Emily Barrett on June 4, 2019

On February 26, 1919, the Grand Canyon, was named a national park by the National Park Services. That means this year, we celebrate the 100th birthday of America’s most wondrous natural phenomenon!

There’s no better time to experience the Grand Canyon than this centennial year as the park will feature activities, excursions, lectures, and more in honor of its milestone birthday. It is truly a mighty place to encounter and planning a visit can be daunting due to the overall size of the park, limited hotel space, and the many options available to explore it from all different perspectives. Here are some of our favorite ways to experience this iconic wonder that are more immersive than simply peering over the edge to behold the beauty of the canyon.

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May 2019 Business Travel News

By Travelink on May 13, 2019

Delta Will Test Free Inflight Wi-Fi

Delta Air Lines, as of May 13th, launched a two-week pilot to make free inflight Wi-Fi a brand standard. The test will run on 55 domestic flights on aircraft equipped with high-speed 2Ku Wi-Fi. It will not support content streaming but will enable passengers to check email, post on social media and browse the internet.

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Discover the Wonders of Sydney

By Linda Raymer on May 10, 2019

Australia is a vast country of sharp contrasts from the wonder of the Great Barrier Reef and lush vineyards of Barossa Valley to Ayers Rock in the Uluru Outback with its fascinating Aboriginal culture, as well as the cosmopolitan cities of Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and, of course, Sydney.

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Top 5 Summer Island Vacations

By Travelink on May 6, 2019

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