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Our Complete “World Famous” Anti-Jet Lag Program: Traveling West

By Travelink on January 15, 2015


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Traveling West

  1. Follow the feast–fast–feast diet with the day of departure being a very light breakfast. You may have coffee with breakfast, but again, do not drink caffeinated or carbonated beverages on the flight.
  2. Plan to get a good night’s sleep the night before departure. As all or most of your trip will be during daylight hours you will not find it easy to sleep on west bound flights.
  3. Eat light and drink juice and plenty of water on the flight.
  4. As soon as you arrive at your final destination have a light evening meal and go to bed. The later you are able to stay up, the better chance you will have of sleeping a full seven or eight hours and getting back on schedule.


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