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Our Complete “World Famous” Anti-Jet Lag Program: Traveling East

By Travelink on January 9, 2015


This has been tested and proven never to fail if you follow it completely!

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  1. Approximately one week before you leave, begin going to bed as early as you can and getting up earlier than usual. On the day of departure, get up very early so you will be sleepy on the plane.
  2. Take vitamin E capsules daily for at least two weeks prior to an international flight, as being in a pressurized cabin for long periods of time as well as the altitude changes are extremely drying to your skin.
  3. Three days before the flight alter your diet to feast–fast–feast, with the day before you leave being a feast (high carbohydrate) and the day of the flight eating very little (salads, fruits, vegetables).
  4. As your flight will likely leave in the afternoon or evening, plan to shower or bathe, wash your hair, shave, etc., and change clothes just before you leave for the airport so you will feel fresh as possible for as long as possible. You will think this is crazy, but we promise it will fool your body into thinking you have just started your day. As you probably have a full 24 hours in these clothes, you will see that this works!
  5. Do not drink coffee or other caffeinated or carbonated beverages the day of the flight or on the plane. Do not drink alcohol the day of the flight or on the plane. Both caffeine and alcohol intensify the effects of jet lag.
  6. Try to eat as little as possible on the flight and drink water and juice only, as the altitude tends to dehydrate your system. Plenty of water throughout the flight is very beneficial.
  7. Wear nice looking, but loose, comfortable clothes that do not wrinkle. As your flight arrives early in the morning it is usually not possible to check in to your hotel immediately so you will want to feel as fresh as possible for the day of arrival.
  8. Take travel slippers or slipper socks so you can remove your shoes on the flight.
  9. Women, wear as little makeup as you feel comfortable wearing, planning to freshen it prior to landing.
  10. Men, take a travel electric razor so you can feel clean shaven after a night on the plane.
  11. Plan to sleep on the plane and do not be embarrassed to wear eye covers and ear plugs if you need to. Even if you think you cannot sleep on the plane, get a pillow and blanket, close your eyes and rest. Researchers say that your body gets almost the same benefits from rest as from sound sleep.
  12. Before landing, wash your face, freshen your makeup or shave, comb your hair, change your watch to the correct time of your destination and tell yourself you are looking forward to the day. Eat breakfast to begin the process of getting on the time schedule of your destination. The sooner you do this, the less chance you will notice the effects of jet lag.
  13. Upon arrival, have something planned to do to stay busy during the day—until normal dinner time. Staying outside in natural light is extremely helpful. Walking in the fresh air will help you stay awake. Resist the temptation to take a nap. Go to bed early and after a good night’s sleep you will feel like a full day of activity and wonder why people have trouble with jet lag.

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