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Top 6 Reasons: You Should Travel Together as a Couple

By Travelink on February 9, 2017

Why You Should Travel Together as a Couple

Most people would agree that traveling together as a couple is an enjoyable escape from the day-to-day grind of life. We look forward to vacations, come back and share stories with our friends, and reminisce about our travels for years after. But, did you know that studies actually show there are real relationship benefits that transpire when you travel together as a couple?

The U.S. Travel Association conducted a survey to understand if, and to what extent, leisure travel strengthened relationships between romantic partners. Edge Research conducted performed the probability, Random Digit Dialing (RDD) telephone survey in December 2012. The RDD survey ensured a census representative sample of adults in relationships, with quotas on gender, age, and region.

1. Build New Relationships

When you travel, you see and learn new things, meet new people, taste new foods, and immerse yourself into a brand new experience. It doesn't matter if you travel to the same destination repeatedly or consistently knock off destinations from, "Your List." Among non-married couples 79% say that sharing new experiences is an important reason to travel together. Finding shared ground is key when learning about one another, especially early on in a relationship. Traveling together as a couple and in turn creating shared ground to relate to one another on, can even further relationship bonds. It can provide you with inside jokes and memories only the two of you will share, all the while you will be learning about one another's tastes, interests, and habits.

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2. Better Communication

Couples who travel together report that they are over 10% more likely to communicate well with their partners than those who do not travel together. Traveling together provides you with opportunities to talk to one another, whether it be on a flight, taxi ride, at dinner, or in your hotel room. The amount of uninterrupted time that you'll have while on a vacation tends to be far greater than during your typical business week, especially if you truly try to "disconnect" from the digital world during your trip. More than seven in ten couples who travel together agree that talking and reconnecting is an important reason to vacation.

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3. More Meaningful Relationships

According to the study, couples who travel together are more likely to say that they share similar goals and desires, that they have a good balance of time together and apart; that they have shared hobbies and interests; that they agree on how to spend money; that they laugh and have fun together; that they handle differences well; that their partner is patient; and that they are best friends. 84% of respondents who travel as a couple believe that they spend quality time together, compared to only 70% of respondents who do not. For many relationships, quality time together is key for a meaningful and fulfilling relationship.

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4. Connect Intimately

A lack of energy and time can have an adverse impact on intimacy. However, a couples getaway, if planned with the intent of relaxation and connecting with one another, can provide an opportune time to reconnect and romance one another. During the study, 58% of married respondents said that being intimate is an important reason to vacation together.

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5. Longer Lasting Relationships

Strong relationships are built on a variety of different components. According to the study, almost two-thirds of couples believe that travel helps couples stay together longer. It seems rather logical when you consider all the benefits of traveling together. You are able to build your relationship on shared experiences, communicate, learn about each other more in depth, as well as connect or reconnect romantically. The study even goes on to note that divorce rates are higher among couples who do not travel together.

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6. Travel is Better than a Physical Gift

Vacation or new car? Survey says, 63% of respondents rate a vacation or weekend getaway as important in sparking romance where only 15% credit a big gift to sparking romance. Chances are, your vacation may even end up being more budget friendly than a brand new car. It's a win-win.

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