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Headquartered in Nashville Tennessee, we operate nationally with a combination of boutique business call centers, vacation travel retail locations, a groups & meetings travel business operations center, as well as our host of experienced virtual travel advisors.
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A Guide to Five Unique Islands of the Galápagos - with Lindblad Expeditions

By TRAVELINK on May 8, 2024

Photo: Michael S. Nolan

Few destinations are more iconic than the Galápagos Islands, where Lindblad Expeditions brought the very first group of citizen explorers more than 50 years ago.

Genovesa Island

A horseshoe-shaped island due to the collapsed caldera, Genovesa is situated in the northeastern waters of the archipelago. Isolated and uninhabited, this small and remarkably pristine island is filled to the brim with wildlife—on land, in the sky, and under the water. Probably best known for its enormous bird colonies, it’s one of the few islands where visitors can see the red‑footed boobies en masse which has earned it the name “Bird Island." But below the water’s surface is just as magical.

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The Intriguing Stories of Bruges: A Journey Through History with AmaWaterways

By TRAVELINK on May 6, 2024

Learn about the history and legends you will discover while visiting Bruges with our preferred partners at AmaWaterways.

Bruges, Belgium is a city steeped in history, with roots tracing back to the medieval period. This enchanting UNESCO World Heritage site brims with history: its horse-drawn carriages traversing cobblestone streets; its peaceful, winding canals; and its array of well-preserved medieval architecture. Join us on a tour of just a few of the landmarks you will get to see first-hand on our full-day excursion to this intriguing city on AmaWaterways' Tulip Time and Best of Holland & Belgium itineraries, including the Basilica of the Holy Blood, Blind Donkey Alley, and the Church of Our Lady, each of which holds unique stories waiting to be uncovered.

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Turkish Delights: Inside The Wondrous Remains Of Ephesus With Windstar Cruises

By TRAVELINK on April 9, 2024

Overlooking Turkey’s Icarian Sea are the dazzling remains of a city once so glorious it was fought over endlessly. Ephesus was founded by Greeks, expanded by Romans, invaded by Persians, Ottomans, Goths and Lydians, and hosts the soul of the Virgin Mary. Now it’s also revered by tourists. That’s because this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the best-preserved Greco-Roman cities on the planet. 

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Cruises from Miami: 8 Ports & Destinations to Explore With Norwegian Cruise Line

By TRAVELINK on April 3, 2024

Are you considering a cruise from Miami? With Norwegian, you can visit some relaxing island destinations or venture off on an extraordinary journey to the Panama Canal. Now is the ideal time to book your next Norwegian cruise vacation. Explore a few of the dynamic destinations you can explore on a Miami cruise.

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By TRAVELINK on March 7, 2024

Content provided by our preferred partners at Explora Lodges. 

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