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Australia's Secluded Bliss

By Bev Gallant on June 23, 2014


I’ve never been to a resort where I wanted to stay in my room the entire trip, but Qualia Hamilton Island Resort, in the Great Barrier Reef was a sure exception. The room was absolutely stunning and exceptionally secluded with many luxurious amenities. You always wonder if the brochure can really live up to all those amazing pictures created to tug on your exhausted brain and urge you to come find rest, but I found truth in advertising with SWAIN Tours as I had the opportunity to experience it firsthand. Me and my new koala friend!Chameleons take longer to adapt to their surroundings than I did waking up every morning to the bright turquoise waters of the Coral Sea facing the lush hills of Whitsundays Island.  While drinking my morning coffee on the outside day bed, I soaked in the warm sun and the beautiful surroundings as it reflected off my private infinity pool.  I have never felt so at peace and could have been happy just staying in my robe and slippers for the remainder of the trip, but after my peaceful morning an adventurous afternoon came calling and I was ready. 

Personal Resort Wheels 
After an energizing lunch on the water front at Pebble Beach, where I dined on a light and tasty dish of king fish and cherry tomatoes drizzled with citrus dressing, I was ready to put the pedal to the metal and explore the island in my personal, complimentary golf cart.  Everywhere I looked, the ocean’s translucent waters were glistening from the sun’s rays while providing endless panoramic views of the surrounding island scenery. I made a pit stop at the wildlife sanctuary where I was able to hold and get a picture with one of Australia’s native marsupials, the koala. This was an unknowingly rare experience, as I came to find out, I was at one of only a few places in the world where you are able to hold and interact with these cuddly creatures.  I conveniently arrived in my own time and for a small charge, which allowed for unlimited visits during my entire stay, I was able to get up close and personal with unique Australian wildlife. I thoroughly enjoyed a little life on the wild side before continuing on my self-guided golf cart cruise of the area.

The resort had even more to offer for those looking to get their heart rate up. During my excursion, I saw other guests kayaking, fishing, snorkeling as well as disembarking on private sunset cruises. They also offer the expected access to swimming pools, day spas, complimentary seminars and a library. Qualia provides a feeling of seclusion and at the same time a location conveniently located near town allowing access to other restaurants and activities.

My trip started with being completely breath-taken by the beauty Hamilton Island and Resort had to offer and ended with a cocktail on my balcony while watching the sun go down on a trip filled with relaxing, deep-breaths and a feeling of secluded bliss. 

If you would like to experience your own restful vacation “Down Under”, please contact me and I will be happy to dream it up with you.

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