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Six Reasons We Should Plan Your Trip to Japan

By Linda Raymer on November 8, 2018

 Spring time in Japan is a true feast for the senses. Millions of cherry trees erupt in bloom, carpeting the horizon in a dazzling display of pink candy-floss as far as the eye can see, sweeping the last vestiges of winter firmly away. Stunning views like this understandably making Japan Travel + Leisure's Destination of the Year.

One of the best ways for you to discover the cherry blossoms – and other cultural, natural, and culinary delights of Japan – is on our American Express preferred partner,

Luxury Gold’s, exceptional new 11-day Majestic Japan itinerary. This unique journey across Japan, will allow you to visit all the major cities in luxurious comfort aboard the legendary shinkansen bullet train. You’ll visit off-the-beaten-path parts of the country other trips won’t cover, such as Sendai, the “City of Trees” in northern Japan, and Oirase Gorge, one of Japan’s most revered nature havens. Working with one of my experienced travel advisors to book your trip of a lifetime, you’ll experience Japan in ways not available to the do-it-yourself traveler.

Although it will be considered high-season, here are my top six reasons to explore Majestic Japan this spring:

1. Hirosaki: Cherry Trees

At Hirosaki Castle, you’ll learn about the care and nurturing of the cherry trees from a real-life cherry blossom “doctor”, who meticulously ensures that all cherry blossoms, from saplings to mature trees, are healthy and thriving.

2. Sendai: Samurai Warriors

Witness a performance by a samurai warrior in front of the Aoba Castle, and afterwards meet with the samurai, who happens to be a member of one of Sendai’s most influential families.


3. Tokyo: Sushi-Making

In Tokyo, you’ll take part in a private sushi-making class and discover why it takes 10 years to perfect this 2,000-year-old art form and become a Master Chef.

4. Hiroshima: World History

In Hiroshima, you’ll meet a survivor of the 1945 atomic bomb and participate in an in-depth discussion about how it changed world history forever.


5. Osaka: The Kitchen of Japan

Discover why Osaka is known as “the kitchen of Japan” during a food-tasting exploration with a knowledgeable local foodie, where you’ll taste local specialties such as rounds of ground octopus wrapped in batter, called takoyaki, and savory pancakes known as okonomiyaki.

6. Kyoto: Ancient Culture

In Kyoto, a hub of ancient tradition and culture, you’ll marvel at the Zen Buddhist temple of Kinkaku-ji, and embark on a walking exploration of the vibrant Gion neighborhood, known as Kyoto’s Geisha District.


Each Majestic Japan itinerary includes dining experiences at exceptional restaurants like Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai and accommodations in fine five-star hotels such as the Imperial Hotel Osaka. You’ll receive personalized service from passionate, dedicated Traveling Concierges who will guide and care for you every step of the way.

I hope these six reasons provide a small taste of the exceptional VIP experiences we will create for you in Japan, or anywhere in the world your personal list will take you. This particular guided vacation is a wonderful way to see Japan, but if you prefer to cherry-pick your sightseeing experiences abroad, my team will create a one-of-a-kind itinerary just for you. I invite you to contact me or one of my Privileged Journeys travel advisors to discuss your personal vacation objectives and complete a three-year plan to ensure your dreams for quality vacation experiences becomes reality.



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