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1,000 Americans on the Great Wall of China

By Tim Barton on August 4, 2016

Tim Barton - Vice President of Finance at Travelink, American Express Travel

On March 25, 2016, for the first time in history, 1,000 Americans gathered on the Great Wall of China. The China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), China National Tourist Office-U.S.A (CNTO), and three tour operators worked together to host this special event. Tourists, reporters, television crews, entertainers, dignitaries, and government officials alike, convened on the Great Wall to document this historic gathering.

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Altered Houses. Sound Mind.

By Tommie Chavis on June 18, 2014

Prior to visiting Amsterdam I heard many interesting things about this place, but never much about its unique, crooked architecture. After catching my first glimpse of the hundreds of slanted buildings this city contains I thought maybe I had inhaled something I shouldn’t or stepped into a Dr. Seuss movie, but come to find out these buildings were built to lean.

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