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8 Reasons You Should Use a Travel Advisor To Book A Cruise

By Travelink on May 2, 2016

Travel Advisor To Book A Cruise

8 Reasons You Should Use a Travel Advisor To Book A Cruise

1. They’ve Been There. Done That.

The underlying theme for the list of why you should use a travel advisor to book a cruise is travel advisors have experience. This is what they do! Their job day-in-and-day-out is to book travel of all types, around the world. That means they know the best destinations, the best cruising seasons, the best deals, and have the relationships with cruise lines you don’t have nor do you have time to research and cultivate.

2. They Know What You'll Like…Probably Better Than You.

You might think you want to cruise on a certain brand cruise line when in fact your interests and budget better aline with another. Experienced cruise advisors are specialists and understand the differences of each cruise line along with what their current promotions are (Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Regent, Viking, Oceania, Crystal, etc.). By answering a few easy questions about your cruising wish-list, they can match you with the best cruise line and itinerary combination to provide you with an extraordinary vacation experience.

 Travel Advisor To Book A Cruise

3. They Understand All the Fees. (Just like Everybody Else, Cruise Lines Have Fees)

Booking a cruise is more than just saying "yes" to the advertised rate of a cruise on a website. You may encounter a variety of additional costs including: port fees, taxes, pre- and post-cruise travel expenses, gratuities, shore excursions, drink packages, specialty dining, onboard activities, and WiFi. Travel advisors are well versed in how to avoid certain fees and reduce others. Most importantly, they can help you understand exactly what you are paying for.

4. They Have Access To Group Pricing

Travel agencies book groups of cabins well in advance of certain sailing dates at a bulk discount. As they sell into these "group bookings" special perks become available to guests such as onboard credit, prepaid gratuities, free bottles of wine or even complimentary dinners. These aren’t available when booking online or if you call the cruise line directly. When planning your vacation, you want all the perks you can get!

Travel Advisor To Book A Cruise

5. They Know Where the Best Cabins Are

It can be daunting to try to determine the best cabin location when booking your cruise. Rooms below the pool deck and dance floor or near the engine room might tend to be noisier than cabins in-between passenger decks. Certain cabins are better suited for guests with limited mobility or families. Travel advisors know the layout of the ships and what to look for when selecting a cabin to best fit your needs. Don’t play cabin roulette by choosing one yourself at random. Your vacation is too valuable to lose sleep because you’re right below the dance floor.

6. They Can Coordinate and Book Your Vacation from Start-to-Finish

Using a travel advisor to book a cruise is “one-stop" vacation shopping. They can book your flight to and from the port destination to align with your embarkation and disembarkation times (and time zones), they will book any hotel accommodations you may need before or after your sailing in any city, setup a car service or transportation for you to and from the ship, hotel, and airport as well as schedule private  tours in your port city or at any of your cruising destinations.  Travel advisors have airline contract rates available to them, relationships with hotels, car rentals, and ground transportation companies.  Let one of our personal travel advisors handle all the scheduling and coordinating then put it all in one mobile app for your ease and convenience. It’s your vacation. You should be able to enjoy every minute of it and not worry about any pieces of the puzzle not fitting together.

Travel Advisor To Book A Cruise

7. They Will Know What Documentation You Need

Some sailings require a passport and others don’t. Some may need a VISA. Certain countries you visit may require shots in advance. An experienced travel advisor will explain the requirements of your particular cruise and help ensure that you have the correct travel documents prepared and complete for your trip.

8. They Can Walk You Through The Process

The thought of packing a suitcase and showing up to a giant cruise ship without any knowledge of what to expect sounds terrifying. Travel advisors, especially those who specialize in cruising, have gone on numerous cruises by multiple different cruising suppliers. They will walk you through your itinerary step-by-step and day-by-day as to what to expect on your cruise.

Vacations are your precious time away to disconnect from the everyday and reconnect with loved ones and yourself.  Our travel advisors stand ready to relieve you of the stress of planning and reduce the risks involved in the unknowns for even experienced travelers.

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