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Emily Barrett

Emily Barrett
I am a Marketing Coordinator at Travelink, American Express Travel, specializing in graphic design and social media. My love of travel began at an early age and truly flourished when I studied abroad with Belmont University in Twickenham, an outer borough of London proper. I have been to 19 countries and counting. My travel goals are to visit every National Park, step foot on every continent, and live abroad at some point in my life. I am a total foodie, aspiring travel photographer, and an eager adventurer, looking for that niche, one-of-a-kind local experience when traveling.

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3 Unique Ways to See the Grand Canyon

By Emily Barrett on June 4, 2019

On February 26, 1919, the Grand Canyon, was named a national park by the National Park Services. That means this year, we celebrate the 100th birthday of America’s most wondrous natural phenomenon!

There’s no better time to experience the Grand Canyon than this centennial year as the park will feature activities, excursions, lectures, and more in honor of its milestone birthday. It is truly a mighty place to encounter and planning a visit can be daunting due to the overall size of the park, limited hotel space, and the many options available to explore it from all different perspectives. Here are some of our favorite ways to experience this iconic wonder that are more immersive than simply peering over the edge to behold the beauty of the canyon.

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